Contingency plans

Our clients operations are extremely time sensitive and information critical. Any default on a service provisioning, schedule commitment or information can jeopardize our client quality of service.

 As per our ISO 9001 Quality System, any project we carry is translated into internal specific and well mastered procedures and manuals. As part of this process, a contingency risk assessment is automatically completed and specific plans are drawn for projects which are nore covered by our existing contingency plans.

 We constantly evaluate risks and improve processes and resources to anticipate on any disruption event. This approach covers the whole information and operational value chain.

 Our organization have been thought and designed to guaranty continuous availability resources to perform the required level of quality. For instance, projects critical tools, resources and materials are duplicated to secure swift reaction in case of any default. 

 As per our backoffice activities, we have implemented processes, tools, assigned people and contracted with external specialists to secure that our information system, databases, collaborative tools, power supply at our offices hardly discontinue.